Looking for a Freelance lighting cameraman, Director of Photography, DoP or freelance cinematographer for your next Canberra shoot
or a full-service video production house for your corporate?  

Robb Shaw-Velzen

With an award-winning international film and television career spanning two decades, Robb has worked for Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks filming the behind-the-scenes of the HBO TV series "The Pacific; shot “Countdown to Survivor: Palau”; worked as lighting camera operator on the iconic 1990s breakfast program “Good Morning Britain”; and travelled in the media contingent on international trips with Australian Prime Ministers.

Robb has received seven Australian Cinematographers Society awards, including a prestigious Golden Tripod at the 2009 National Awards for Cinematography. He has been President of the Australian Cinematographers Society ACT Branch since 2000.

To book Canberra's most awarded cinematographer call +61 414 363 194 or +61 2 6260 4060 or email rsv@bygeorge.com.au

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award winning cinematographer Robb Shaw-Velzen
Robb Shaw-Velzen